Pavan's Premkahani

About Pavan

Well Pavan is man filled with many dimensions. He has ability to do and achieve something.
He is a "go getter". He believes in himself a lot. He stays in a big joint family of 34 members
at home. He is a Brahman. He respects his family and loves them. He is pampered by his elders
and loved by his youngsters. He was born on February 1st 1988. He spent his child hood days
like a Prince. He did his schoolings in B.P.Indian Public School (ICSE). At school Pavan was very
notorious. He was a play boy, no doubt he was a good student as well. Later he completed his
college in Vijaya Main College. He was a very good Volley Ball Player. Well Pavan was like a bird out of the cage when he started his college life. However he was a "Rock Star" and a "Dream Boy"
of all the girls in his college and outside college as well. But, Pavan used to maintain
his dignity and decency with them, he never used to Date a girl nor Flirt with them.
Pavan's life style was loved by one and all. He was an idol of the college. He is a very good
DANCER. He had bagged many awards for his DANCE. But Pavan is a great FAN of
"Challenging Star DARSHAN". All students in his college started calling him DASA.
At this point of time his mind was diverted to FILMS. People used to tell him why ca
an ACTOR. Yes Pavan was a Dynamic Handsome boy. He is a Mass built. Finally Pavan started his carrer
in Kannada Films.